Mechanical License

  United States of America Mechanical License

Print out this form and fill in the required information; sign and mail to:

Manduca Music Publications
861 Washington Ave. Portland, Maine 04103-2728

1. To:

2. Date:

3. Title of Musical Works:

The undersigned (hereinafter designated as the publisher), owns the copyright or controls the rights to reproduce and distribute recordings tape, CD, phonorecord, computer) of the above musical work.

4. Music composed or arranged by:

5. Name of recording:

6. Recording #

7. Date of recording:

8. Number made:             copies

9. Artists:

10. Length of time of musical examples:

You have advised the publisher that you wish to use said copyrighted work under the compulsory license provision of Section 115 of the Copyright Act relating to mechanical licenses for recordings. Upon doing so, you shall have all the rights which are granted to, and all the obligations which are imposed upon, users of said work under the compulsory license provisions of the Copyright Act.

1. You shall pay royalties and account to the publisher quarterly, within 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter, on the basis of recordings made and distributed.

2. The statutory mechanical royalty rate for physical recordings (such as CDs) and permanent digital downloads is: 9.10 Cents for songs 5 minutes or less or 1.75 Cents per minute or fraction thereof over 5 minutes.

3. This license covers and is limited to one particular recording by said artist(s) of said copyrighted work set forth above; and this license does not affect any prior agreements now in effect respecting this work. If more than the stated amount listed above are made, this license needs to be reissued.

4. If you fail to account to Publisher; Publisher may serve written notice that unless the default is remedied, this compulsory license shall automatically terminate. Such termination shall render the making and distribution of all recordings for which royalties have not been paid, actionable as acts of infringement under the Copyright Act.

5. You need not serve or file the notice of intention to obtain a compulsory license required by the Copyright Act.

6. Please send two copies of the completed recording; one of which is sent to the composer/arranger.

signature of artist(s) or agent(s)



signature of publisher

Elizabeth M. Manduca