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We’re delighted that you are visiting our web site, and we hope to frequently serve your music needs. Our mission is to provide you with high quality, versatile, and artistically pleasing sheet music at a reasonable cost. We offer chamber and solo music for brass, woodwinds, strings, piano and big band jazz. We produce pedagogical materials for teachers of all levels such as our Successful Studio Teaching manual, Orchestral Studies, and Dr. Tinka Knopf de Esteban’s Piano Curriculum Guide and its accompanying materials. We have the exclusive distribution rights to the publications of noted piano composer and author Seymour Bernstein. We are fortunate to represent and be associated with some of the finest composers and arrangers. All catalog items have been described as fully as possible to help you get a sense of the material.

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Music Teaching

Manduca Music Studios provides private and group piano and brass lessons for all ages, levels and abilities. The teachers have years of experience at all levels of education. Many studio students have won numerous competitions and awards. Our curriculum is based on the goals and needs of the individual student. We provide many varied student performing opportunities.

Performing Groups

We can also provide musical groups including the Portland Brass Quintet, the Portland Jazz Orchestra, Five Cylinder Jazz, smaller brass chamber groups and piano soloists and accompanists for all of your events.


What’s New

Eric Ewazen Editor’s Choice for Piano Duets:

Suite From the Cloud Forest by Eric Ewazen

This is one of the finest examples of duet literature we’ve heard. Its four movements are a programmatic description of four images found in the tropical cloud forest: Movement 1, The Resplendent Quetzel, depicts a spectacular bird of paradise with beautiful melodies over cascading arpeggios in an impressionistic style. Movement 2, Gumbo Limbo is a fabulous variation on the 1950’s tune The Limbo. This movement is very rhythmically challenging and is truly inventive. Movement 3, Poor Man’s Umbrella describes a plant with large floppy leaves. The melodies are hauntingly beautiful and go through a series of keys culminating in an intense series of fortissimo chords. Movement 4, Kiskadee, describes a bird whose call sounds like its name. Kiskadee is a very fast movement in various compound meters and is so exciting. This is highly idiomatic piano writing for the piano with an impressionistic flair. This piece has universal appeal and is a major addition to the repertoire.

 New Piece for Unaccompanied Tuba by Steve Winteregg

A Time For More-This early advanced piece for tuba has three short sections entitled Prologue, A Time for Loving, and Chasing the Wind. Great for festivals or competitions. This piece can be combined with Steve’s earlier work called A Time For, and would make a good addition to a college tuba recital.

Seymour: An Introduction
Ethan and Seymour

Renowned actor Ethan Hawke has created a wonderful documentary about MMP composer Seymour Bernstein. It is entitled Seymour: An Introduction, and it explores the world of creating and teaching beautiful music. It not only is a touching tribute to this wonderful teacher and composer, but also is an important exploration of the importance of arts in our lives. We are so proud of Seymour!

Seymour gives us the inside scoop on how it all came together…

“My piano pupil, Tony Zito, a prominent psychiatrist in New York City, invited me to dinner. The actor Ethan Hawke and spiritual leader, Andrew Harvey, would be there. The dinner table conversation was nothing short of electric. It centered on why we perform, and what creates pre-performance anxiety. Ethan Hawke claimed that I helped him more than anyone with this issue. He expressed a desire to hear me play the piano at the end of dinner.”

“One year later, Ethan decided to make a documentary on me based specifically on the principles of my book, With Your Own Two Hands. He wanted to show how a passion and devotion to an art form can influence our lives. This fall, the documentary has been shown at three of the world’s finest film festivals: Telluride, Colorado; Toronto, Canada; and the New York Film Festival. It has received standing ovations in all the festivals. The film will be released in theaters throughout the United States in 2015.”