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 Meet Liz & Mark Manduca


We are delighted that you are visiting our website, and we hope to frequently serve your music needs. Our mission is to provide you with high quality, versatile, and artistically pleasing sheet music and scores. We offer chamber and solo music for brass, woodwinds, strings, piano, and big band jazz.

We produce pedagogical materials for teachers of all levels such as our Successful Studio Teaching manual; The Brass Instruments: A Reference Manual; and Dr. Tinka Knopf de Esteban’s Piano Curriculum Guide and its accompanying materials. We distribute the piano music, books and CDs of Seymour Bernstein.

We are fortunate to represent and be associated with some of the finest composers and arrangers. All catalog items have been described as fully as possible to help you get a sense of the material.

Piano Festivals

If you are hosting a piano festival and wish to receive a perusal package of ensemble materials, please call at least eight weeks before the event, and we will ship materials to peruse. You may return what is not suitable for your group, and we will ship whatever else you need for your festival. If you need advice concerning appropriate literature for the festival, email Liz at mark@manducamusic.com

Contest Lists

We have numerous pieces that have been on the National Federation list, NYSSMA list and other festival lists. They can be found under the category of Contest Lists.

Military Organizations

If you belong to a military organization and need to peruse materials for your concerts, e-mail:    mark@manducamusic.com

Mechanical License 

Mechanical License Form for Manduca Music Publications: Please print two copies of the mechanical license form and fill in lines 1 through 9. Sign both copies and send to the address on top of the form. We will calculate the fees for you and send you a contract once you have submitted the fee.