Submission Requirements

mSubmission Requirements

Manduca Music Publications accepts submissions of music scores for any instrumentation except vocal music. We are a publisher of chamber, small orchestra, big band, and solo music. We accept works of a pedagogical nature for all levels. We do not accept pop or country western songs or instrumentals.

Please submit the following:

A  CD recording or mp3 file of the work. This can be done on keyboard, and does not have to be instrument specific.

A hard copy (printed version) of the score. A pdf will be required upon acceptance of the work.

A disk prepared using the Finale music notation program will be required only upon acceptance of the work.

A brief description of the work.

A biography of the composer and/or arranger, current photo and any other accompanying materials that would help describe you and your work.
Please include an e-mail address as you will contacted by e-mail when your work has been reviewed.

Submission materials will not be returned unless a postage paid, self-addressed package is sent with the submission materials.

The review process can take awhile. We review it, and then it is looked at by people who play the instrument that the piece is written for. We try to give your work our most serious consideration. If we accept the work, it can take up to one to two years before it is in circulation.

Send music to:
Manduca Music Publications
861 Washington Ave.
Portland, Maine 04103-2728