Let Us Help You

  1. Customers ask if they may peruse music for festivals or bands. Absolutely! See the section on the website concerning this.Can I receive a mechanical license to record a work published by Manduca Music? Yes. E-mail us about your project.
  2. Do you keep all music in stock or do things go out of print on a regular basis? We do not like to have anything go out of print whether we sell a few copies or hundreds of copies a year. We print on demand, so if we do not have the item you are looking for, we will try to get it to you within a few weeks. 
  3. Can I send or call in an order?

    Yes. Call 207-773-7012 mailbox 1 or send your order to:
    Manduca Music Publications

    861 Washington Ave.
    Portland, Maine 04103-2728
    We do accept checks..
  4. Do you ship COD?
    No we do not..
  5. May we use a purchase order from a school department?
    Yes. Just give us the purchase order number and billing office, and we will send the invoice to them..
  6. Will you fax parts if we have lost a part?
    We do not provide this service, but we will send you an extra part for a small fee. Please give us enough notice..
  7. What music is appropriate for a particular gig?
    For brass information email Mark. [email protected]
    For piano related issues email Liz.  [email protected]