hManduca  Music  Studios  Policy  Statement   

Academic  Year  2016-2017

ATTENDANCE: It is important to the student’s growth to attend lessons regularly. Each student is committed to both private and ensemble lessons, and a specified amount of time in a learning center. All students should arrive punctually with music, pencils, staff paper, practice journal, and any other relevant materials and music.

PERFORMANCE: Each student is required to perform a minimum of three times per year in any of the following settings: group classes, recitals, outreach programs, competitions, student evaluations program, school concerts both as a soloist or accompanist.

MAKE-UP POLICY: The instructor will make-up any lesson that he/she may miss. If the instructor does not make-up the lesson, the student’s account will be credited. The instructor will make-up a lesson for student sickness or cancellation of school during inclement weather. Please call on a snow-day to see if lessons are scheduled. If they are, you have a choice to come on that day or reschedule on a make-up day. Please do not send a student who is ill to a lesson. Lessons for illness will be made up. For everyone’s health, please wash your hands before your lesson.

There will be no make-up lessons for any of the following reasons: extended vacations including ending the year early; sporting events, parties or other social events; forgetting a lesson; transportation problems. In order to accommodate students who have these conflicts, we will post a list of student phone numbers and a master schedule in the studio. Please do not call your instructor to set this up. Since we teach throughout the afternoon and evening we are unable to make these changes for you. It is up to the student to call another student and switch lesson times.

The student is responsible for scheduling a make-up lesson. Certain days are set aside for make-up lessons. Please see the studio calendar for these dates. The student must make-up a lesson in the semester when the lesson was missed. If you have a conflict with a group class, please call your instructor who will place you in an equivalent class.

ELECTRONICS: Students should bring IPhones, IPads, or any other recording device to their lessons so that I can record their lesson material. Parents: Please do not use cell phones or computers during a student’s lesson. The tapping on either keyboard is distracting to both teacher and student. If you absolutely have to use a computer, please take it into one of the small rooms, or the entryway-whichever is unoccupied.

PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is expected during the first week of each month or for semester payments, the first week of each new semester. You will receive reminder notices by e-mail.

 TERMINATION POLICY:  A two week notice is necessary to terminate lessons. This gives the teacher the opportunity to schedule a student from the waiting list. Over this two week period, the student’s account will be reviewed and any outstanding balances paid or credits made.

PRACTICING: Successful and rewarding music study depends on consistent daily practice. Parents are asked to provide the following: an established practice time; a good instrument in good repair; a practice environment free from distraction; supervision of practice sessions for the young beginner; encouragement and support in establishing good practice habits. Students must keep assignments and practice notes in a practice journal. Parents are encouraged to call concerning practice problems, visits to lessons, and assignments.

OFFICE HOURS: Should any questions arise concerning billings, policies or general business, please call Liz Manduca at 773-7012, or e-mail: If you leave a message be sure to leave your phone number, and/or e-mail address.