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  • “A short spirited work which employs many standard modern harmonic techniques and current textural devices..quite effective”
    The Horn Call Magazine

  • A must for brass quintet, this piece is 2 minutes of pure fun! International Trumpet Journal

  • “This material is set up in an easy to follow, logical progression that will reinforce and complement the classroom experience. It could also be reused in the high school years as source material for the student who’s developing early transposition skills.” (ITG JOURNAL)

  • “…This arrangement is truly a trumpeter’s showcase…The music is clear and easy to read…a fine and challenging arrangement.” (ITG JOURNAL)

  • “Stratton’s ‘August ’70 Jan Trio’ is a fine work which should find its way into every institution of higher learning…look for this piece to show up on many brass and modern music programs in the future.” (ITG JOURNAL)

  • “Picher’s transcription…utilizes each instrument to the fullest…a solid composition and should be enjoyable to perform.” (ITG JOURNAL)

  • “Philip Neumann has artfully arranged the piece which features an introduction, several diverse selections and clever modulations to various keys.” (ITG JOURNAL)

  • “Eden’s transcription of these three madrigals…can serve as an excellent introduction to Renaissance music, specifically the English madrigal …overall quality of the individual parts is quite good.” (International Trumpet Guild JOURNAL)

  • “This edition is extremely exciting and should be a part of everyone’s library. It is a wonderful piece!” (International Trumpet Guild JOURNAL)

  • “If you haven’t taken the plunge to include composition in your studio, this volume is well worth investigating.” (American Music Teacher) “These pieces are gems in the rough and demonstrate the importance of creativity in the lives of these youngsters.” (Piano and Keyboard magazine)

  • “This work will punctuate any church service with its powerful themes and tasteful fanfares …should be in every church organist’s collection.” Pennsylvania Music Education Association News

  • “the very best music….great stuff for three exceptional players.” Band Director’s Guide

  • A review of this edition in the International Trumpet Guild Journal reads “This reduction works superbly well for brass quintet, is recommended to anyone looking for early American repertoire.”

  • “…In this writer’s opinion, most any excuse would justify pulling Collins’ arrangement off the shelf to be enjoyed by brass players and congregation alike. ” International Trumpet Guild Journal

  • Queen City Brass Publications (Manduca Music) should be commended for publishing this elegantly engraved edition…” The Horn Call Magazine

  • From: Stephanie Carpenter scarpenter6107@aol.com>
    Just wanted to say thank you for your book. I’ve had a break-through in
    practicing classical guitar after reading “With Your Own Two Hands.” I’m a
    nurse as well as a musician and was sitting in our hospital cafeteria in
    tears reading the first chapter-someone finally described to me what was
    going on in my psyche about practicing. From one soul to another soul: Thank you.

    I’m honor to send you a message Mr. Bernstein.
    I’m a korean student who goes to Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Boston, majoring piano.
    I read your book already 5 times, and it is always fresh and helpful.
    Thank you for this great book and pure teaching.

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    Dr. Deborah De Vries, School Trustee and College Instructor

  • “This is a serious “self-help” formula that I believe could actually make a reader’s dreams come true, IF they seriously followed the instructions of the author. In my opinion, this book often reads like “The Power of Now” or “A Course in Miracles” — which one should consider as a “good thing.” After all, “The Power of Now” and “A Course in Miracles” did positively transform thousands of lives!”

    Amelia A. Painter, Author (Fostoria, IA USA)

  • The Newest Secret is all about achieving your true potential. We all dream of things we would like to do or be, and often life events get in the way of realizing longed for goals. Through fascinating stories, quotes from many famous people, and clearly defined exercises, Ms. Nelson provides you with a plan to achieve the success you seek. I gave a copy to a friend who used it to quit smoking. I gave it to a music professor who is helping her students with performance goals. My daughter has used it to create a citywide basketball program for children. The beauty of this treasure trove is that it can be used by anyone for any situation. I highly recommend it.

    Elizabeth Manduca, Portland Maine