Some of our publications have been recorded by national and international artists. We do not sell these CD’s, but we will let you know who you can contact to get them. You can find these pieces listed in the catalog section of our website. All performers have not been listed; only the ones who play on the Manduca Music publication. We provide this as a service to our composers and arrangers, and for the performing musician who may want to hear different interpretations. To obtain a mechanical license to record any of our publications, please contact Liz Manduca at 207-773-7012.

A Sense of Acadia Twelve Pieces for piano
Manduca Music Publication: 10145
Composer: Barbara Smith
Title of CD: A Sense of Acadia
Performers: Barbara Smith
Recording Company: Unintentional Music, Blue Hill, Maine
Distributor: Manduca Music and Barbara Smith
E-mail: [email protected]

Vignettes, Blue Soliloquy, Three Moods
Manduca Music Publications:
 30014, 30015, 30016

Composer/Arrangers: Steven Winteregg
Title of CD: Flights of Imagination: Chamber Music of Steven Winteregg
Performers:The Monarch Tuba-Euphonium Quartet-Roger Behrend, David Miles, Marty Erickson, Keith Mehlan
Recording Company: Equilibrium,

This CD contains Vignettes for flute, horn and piano; Blue Soliloquy for solo horn; and Three Moods for horn and piano.

Three 16th Century Flemish Pieces: Turkish March, Fantasy, and Aragonais
all pieces for tuba-euphonium quartet
Manduca Music Publications: 30412, 30120, 30169, 30118
Composer/Arrangers: Ken Singleton, Keith Mehlan, Ralph Martino, M.S. Erickson
Title of CD: Metamorphosis
Performers: The Monarch Tuba-Euphonium Quartet-Roger Behrend, David Miles, Marty Erickson, Keith Mehlan
Recording Company: Campro Production, IMPS Music 70 Route 202 North
Peterborough, NH 03458

Entrance Fanfare
Manduca Music Publication: 30402
Composer: Robert Dickow
Title of CD: Autumn (Im Herbst)
Performers: American Horn Quintet-David Johnson, Charles Putnam, Kerry Turner, Geoffrey Winter
Recording Company: Studio Art Classic or contact David Johnson at
Rathausgasse 24, CH-3011 Bern, Switzerland

Shared Reflections
for four horns
Manduca Music Publication: 30226
Composer: Douglas Hill
Title of CD: Shared Reflections, The Legacy of Philip Farkas
Performers: Philip Farkas, Randy Gardner, Michael Hatfield, Doug Hill, David Krehbiel
Recording Company: Summit Records DCD-176

This disc features Philip Farkas in solo recital, in quartet performance, with the Chicago Symphony, and in interviews.

for brass quintet
Manduca Music Publication: 30272
Composer: Douglas Hill
Title of CD: Images
Performers: Wisconsin Brass Quintet
Recording Company: contact the School of Music at the University of Wisconsin

for brass quintet and percussion
Manduca Music Publication: 30329
Composer:Chu Melendez
Arranger: Jon Nelson
Title of CD: Smart Went Crazy (Zappa/Hendrix/Nurok) 1993
Performers: The Meridian Arts Ensemble
Recording Company: Channel Classics Productions
PO Box 5642 Englewood, NJ 07631
or contact: Jacob van Lennepkade
334 E, 1053 NJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
011(+31) 20-616-1775

The Meridian Arts Ensemble was one of America’s finest chamber ensembles through its innovative repertoire and critically acclaimed performances. They were the first prize winners in the 1990 Concert Artists Guild New York Competition. Revoltillo is a traditional Afro/Cuban piece representing the 1940’s style of Latin dance music made popular by artists such as Tito Puente.

Somnis (Dreams)
for piano solo
Manduca Music Publication: 10140
Composer: Josep Prohens Juli�
Title of CD: Amalgama (2000)
Performers: Joan Roig, Ireneusz Jagla
Recording company: Ona digital
Distributor: Casa Marti C/Reina Esclaramunda, 3, 4 y 5 07003 Palma de Mallorca, Illes Baleares, Spain
Email: [email protected]

Amalgama is an assortment of works written for piano and chamber music. Composed between 1985 and 1993, one may appreciate the evolution of the composer’s creativity. It begins by using tonality in a semi-academic sense, going through the phase of impressionistic influence and ending with characteristic timbres typical of the close of the twentieth century. The name Amalgama means to collect a barrage of styles, harmony, forms, and timbres as well as instruments. However within this format there are two common points of reference. First, the strong presence of melody in every work; secondly, the consisitent use of the piano, an indispensable instrument for my music. Josep Prohens Juli�

Psalm 8
for three brass choirs and organ by Heinrich Sch�tz
Manduca Music Publication: 30278
Arranger: David Baldwin
Title of CD: A Brass and Organ Christmas (2000)
Performers:The Bay Brass, A. David Krehbiel, organ and John Fenstermaker, conductor
Recording company: Gothic Records, Inc. G49120
Distributor: Gothic Records Fax 714-999-0572 Phone 1-800-735-4720
Email: [email protected]

Brass, organ, cathedral and Christmas-all seem to go together in celebration of this most sacred and joyous holiday. Our desire was to bring to you a musically interesting and inspiring program… recorded in the resplendent acoustics of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. From the musicians

A Christmas Garland 
for brass quintet (MMP: 30184) and Now is the Time Fulfilled for brass quintet from A Baroque German Christmas by Johann Topff (MMP:30280)
Arranger: David Baldwin
Title of CD: Christmas at the Cathedral, (1999)
Performers: The Portland Brass Quintet, The Choral Art Society, Robert Russell, conductor
Recording company: AMI, Ltd. Burlington, NC
Distributor: Choral Art Society PO Box 8815 Portland, Maine 04104 207-828-0043
Email: [email protected]

The Choral Art Society has earned a reputation for choral excellence performing major orchestral works, new and obscure music, and its annual Christmas at the Cathedral concert on which this CD is based. The Portland Brass Quintet acclaimed for its high quality performances and wide-ranging repertoire joins the Choral Art Society each Christmas for this popular concert where they perform works with the singers and play brass quintets. A Christmas Garland is a medley of well-known Christmas tunes, and Now is the Time Fulfilled is from A Baroque German Christmas, Three Anthems for brass quintet.

A Baroque German Christmas Three Anthems
for brass quintet by Johann Topff
Manduca Music Publication: 30280
Arranger: David Baldwin
Title of CD: Westwind Christmas (1998)
Performers: Westwind Brass
Recording company: R-Kall Recordings
Distributor: Westwind Brass PO Box 86879 San Diego, CA 92138 619-277-8801
Email: [email protected]

These choral anthems are based on Bibilical Christmas scriptures, and are sonorous and brilliant in these brass settings. Translations of the German titles are: Now the Time is Fulfilled, Fear Not, for I Bring You Tidings of Great Joy, and The Word Made Flesh.

Ancient Evenings and Distant Music
for woodwind quintet
Manduca Music Publication: 40223
Composer: Jack Gallagher
Title of CD: Solaris American Quintets (2000)
Performers: Solaris woodwind quintet
Recording company: Capstone Records CPS 8677
Distributor: Capstone Records 252 DeKalb Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205

Ancient Evenings, premiered in 1971, evokes the dual-and historically intertwined-genres of the dance suite and the variation set. Prologue introduces the melody that the following eight movements will vary in accordance with their individual dance characters. That melody is most recognizable in Forlane, the boisterous March, and Siciliano, which true to its tradition in the French suite, conveys the dignity of restrained sadness. The melody clowns in Burlesca, move dissonantly among the oboe and other instruments in self-parody. Scherzo continues the joking, but strikes the ear as less cynical, an impression strengthened by its light-hearted closing. Following the equally good-natured, bird-like Danza is Arioso, a lyrical movement suggesting singing, that balances the preceding three movements with reflection. Toccata, with fugue-like elements, brings the suite to a bustling close. Brooks Toliver

Unfinished Portrait of George Washington: A Patriotic Medley
for piano
Manduca Music Publication: 10101
Composer: Seymour Bernstein
Title of CD: Familiar Melodies Transcriptions, Variations, Fantasies (2000)
Performer: Joseph Smith
Recording company: Brioso Recordings
Distributor: Brioso PO Box 832 McLean, VA 22101-0832

The Unfinished Portrait of George Washington uses songs as material for a collage: The Star-Spangled Banner, Hail to the Chief, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Columbia, and America the Beautiful. The tunes are fragmented and superimposed on one another. Even when the piece climaxes in a completed presentation of America the Beautiful, its phrases are festooned with ribbons of other melodies, fanfares and scales evoking Fourth of July fireworks. Joseph Smith

Intrada for Brass Choir
Reflections for Horn Alone
Song Suite in Jazz Style
for horn and piano
Manduca Music Publication: 30312, 30225, 30256
Composer: Douglas Hill
Title of CD: Thoughtful Wanderings (2001)
Performers: alumni, faculty, students and staff of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music
Recording company: Musicians Showcase Recordings MS1060 1-888-859-9229
Distributor: UW School of Music CD’s 455 North Park Street Madison, WI 53706-1483 UW Press 1-800-621-2736

Douglas Hill was awarded an Emily Mead Baldwin Bell-Bascom Professorship in the Creative Arts through the auspices of the Arts Consortium of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Combined with this high honor was a grant to be used to continue research and scholarly activities focusing primarily on his musical compositions. Professor Hill chose to use this funding to create a double CD…Each CD contains a wide variety of styles and mediums and amply demonstrates Hill’s eclectic compositional output from the late 1970’s to the present. All but one of the recordings took place on the U. W. campus. Intrada is based loosely on the initial motive from the Nimrod movement of the Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar. Reflections is meant as a rather theatrical soliloquy reflecting upon memories of a lost relationship. Song Suite contains a jazz waltz, a ballad in Latin style, a perpetual motion movement, a love-torn ballad, and a blues movement. Proceeds from the sale of this CD collection will be used to support the School of Music scholarships.

Baroque Piece 
for piano
Manduca Music Publication: 10085
Title of CD: Interplay (1999)
Performers: Bob McHugh, Ron Naspo, Raul Paonessa
Recording company: Lunge Music
Distributor: North Country Distributors The Cadence Bulding Redwood, New York 13679
Email: [email protected]

This trio was formed in 1997 to perform in concerts and in jazz clubs in the New York metropolitan area. McHugh’s originals such as the New Orleans replication Summer Stride or Baroque Piece highlight McHugh’s talent as both a composer and pianist.

Dream Street
for piano
Manduca Music Publication: 10084
Composer: Bob McHugh
Title of CD: Dream Street (2001)
Performers: Bob McHugh, George Mihailidis, Antonis Triantofillou, John Miksza
Recording company: Lunge Music
Distributor: Lunge Music
Email: [email protected], or [email protected]

This CD combines the diversified musical talent of two American and two Greek musicians. Each performer brought his own compositions and ideas to the project.The format used is improvisational.