9 settings of the chorale by: Martin Luther, J. C. Bach, Max Reger, Johann Hanff, Johann Walther, Michael Praetorius,  J. S. Bach,  Pachelbel, and Buxtehude.


A Mighty Fortress: Nine Settings for Brass Quintet or Choir

transcribed by David Baldwin

David Baldwin is well known for his excellent arrangements for brass ensembles. He has arranged nine sections of the chorale tune based on the following composers’ settings: Martin Luther, Johann Christoph Bach, Max Reger, Johann Nicolaus Hanff, Johann Gottfried Walther, Michael Praetorius, Johann Sebastien Bach, Johann Pachelbel, and Dietrich Buxtehude.This is a good collection for church service work.


• Intermediate / advanced

• Duration 18 minutes

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Weight 12 oz

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