This fanfare-like work featuring is a spritely giocoso and a rousing triple-tongued finish.

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Badinage for Trumpet Sextet

Richard Cioffari

Richard Cioffari is Chair and Professor of Performance Studies at Bowling Green State University and wrote this piece for the BGSU Graduate Trumpet Ensemble. Badinage has been performed at ITG Conferences at Albuquerque and College Park. It is a fanfare-like work featuring a spritely giocoso and a rousing triple-tongued finish.It grows from a muted misterioso, sustained introduction over an insistent ostinato in triple meter which is accelerated through a hemiola relationship into the sprightly giocoso. The pace relaxes a bit for a lyrical 5/8 section after which the giocoso theme returns.


• Late intermediate

• NYSSMSA list

• Highly recommended

•Duration 3-4 minutes


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