Earth Music Series Book 3 focuses on the appogiatura. Each etude contains examples.


Earth Music Series Book III Early Birds: An Introduction to the Appoggiatura

Seymour Bernstein

Each of these elementary/early intermediate books focuses on a particular technical issue for the piano. Most of the pieces are suitable for performance and are not just exercises. These valuable teaching tools help the student achieve important aspects of playing such as trills, mordents, appoggiaturas, pedalling, and contemporary idioms. There is an informative preface in each of the books not only outlining the particular technique, but also providing helpful practice suggestions and exercises. Books I through III contain historical data and technical suggestions designed to prepare students for interpreting Baroque ornaments. All five books are highly recommended as core curriculum material for the piano studio.


• Elementary to early intermediate

• Ten pieces using the appoggiatura

• Core curriculum material for the piano studio

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