The Piano Curriculum Guide has now been translated into Spanish.


Gua del Currculum de Piano: Aplicacn Practica de La Carta del Curriculum de Piano

Dr. Tinka Knopf de Esteban

The Piano Curriculum Guide and all associated materials have been translated into Spanish. These materials will help the teacher organize a solid curriculum for his/her piano students. It provides valuable information about preparing students through the various levels of study by recognized pedagogue Tinka Knopf de Esteban. Dr. Knopf was associate dean at the Peabody Conservatory and she currently is the pedagogical consultant to the Conservatori Professional de Music I Dansa de les Illes Baleares in Spain. The Piano Curriculum Chart is meant to cover piano literature starting with the first works after the traditional beginning method books. The levels: Learner, Transition, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pre-Conservatory are designed to cover a program of study based on the technical and theoretical demands of the literature. The Piano Curriculum Guide includes a guide on how to use the chart which is an attractive wall or desk chart that outlines the curriculum at each level. Dr. Knopf has adapted the Liszt Technical Exercises so that they are accessible to students and teachers who are using the curriculum chart. Each exercise is correlated with the appropriate level of literature. The scale cards and guide teach scales in integrated relationships of theory and harmonic structure as used in the compositional patterns in the piano literature outlined in the chart. Dr. Knopf has managed to integrate all of these elements into a package that will surely become a standard teaching tool for piano teachers. We are proud to publish her work.


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