A showstopper for oboe, alto flute, or Bb clarinet with marimba and auxiliary percussion.


Habanera Chromatique

for oboe and marimba (optional alto flute or Bb clarinet)

Jon Jeffrey Grier

This is a really fun piece for all instrumentalists and would be great on college programs. The marimba part requires that a pair of bongos be mounted on a stand and placed directly over the left end of the marimba. They are played with the marimba mallets, and should be placed so that the performer can change quickly from one instrument to the other. The X-headed notes represent the high and low bongos. Strive to approximate the usual sound produced by playing them by hand and to experiment with different placements of the strikes. The improvisation of more complex rhythms is also encouraged. The oboist, flutist or clarinetist will need a small metal egg-shaped shaker, and an extra music stand, covered with a towel, on which to place it. The oboist is encouraged to play with a full, shawm-like tone, especially in the louder passages. The tone of the flute should be breathy and sensuous. The clarinetist is encouraged to play with a full, rich tone, especially in the louder passages. Parts included are: full score, Bb clarinet, marimba, oboe, alto flute.


• Early advanced

•Highly recommended for college recitals or contests

• Duration 4 minutes.

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