This delightful book with its vignettes about Raccoons is great for theme recitals.


Raccoons, Book One – A Musical Adventure for Solo Piano

Music, story and photos by Seymour Bernstein

This delightful book has for years been a staple for teachers. It contains nine excellent pieces about Seymour’s association with a family of raccoons that lived near his summer home in Maine. From Swoosh and Crash, a piece made up of sweeping waves of dissonant intervals, to the beautifully tender song called Friendship, this collection delights students of all ages. Each piece could serve as a recital piece without the accompanying story. Seymour understands how to write music that sounds difficult and substantial, buts plays easily and appropriately for the late elementary students. The titles of the pieces are: Swoosh and Crash, Silvery Path, Waiting in the Dark, Betty, Friendship, Crunch! Smack! Gulp! Gulp!, All Together, Sticky Marshmallows, and Farewell..


Late elementary

• Great for theme recitals

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