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What an incredible breakthrough in human development! “The Secret” put the “Law of Attraction,” on in the radar screen of truth seekers, dream-doers, and those who study success. But have ever wondered why “The Secret” has not worked for you? The Human Potential Movement is a like a relay race. One breakthrough leads to another. And another.  


This book takes “The Law of Attraction” to the next level. Magically combined with the Power of the Pen, we have a new breakthrough in attracting and bring our dreams into reality . . . on PURPOSE! AND IT WORKS! . .


Ms. Nelson has proven it with multitudes who created a physical manifestation of their dream, a vision book in self published form. Author Your Reality with The Newest Secret! .


PART ONE: Introduction to Dream Planning (Dreams to Reality The Newest Secret)


PART TWO: Dream Planning Workbook leads through 10 Steps.


PART THREE: Dream Plan Book: Your PUBLISHED vision book! Experience Self-transformation and self-inspiration through self-publishing! How much is a “dream come true” worth? It’s PRICELESS!

4 Responses to The Newest Secret: Introduction to Dream Planning

  • “Helps you define your dream and get you started with actually making the steps to fulfill that dream. Want to get started working on your dream? Get this book!” Peter Kahuria (OK, USA)

  • “Great tool for establishing dreams suitable for junior high students through college and adult seekers. Positive affirmations and simple step by step activities make this a must have tool for those ready to plan for future, write a practical life plan, or even write a book!”

    Dr. Deborah De Vries, School Trustee and College Instructor

  • “This is a serious “self-help” formula that I believe could actually make a reader’s dreams come true, IF they seriously followed the instructions of the author. In my opinion, this book often reads like “The Power of Now” or “A Course in Miracles” — which one should consider as a “good thing.” After all, “The Power of Now” and “A Course in Miracles” did positively transform thousands of lives!”

    Amelia A. Painter, Author (Fostoria, IA USA)

  • The Newest Secret is all about achieving your true potential. We all dream of things we would like to do or be, and often life events get in the way of realizing longed for goals. Through fascinating stories, quotes from many famous people, and clearly defined exercises, Ms. Nelson provides you with a plan to achieve the success you seek. I gave a copy to a friend who used it to quit smoking. I gave it to a music professor who is helping her students with performance goals. My daughter has used it to create a citywide basketball program for children. The beauty of this treasure trove is that it can be used by anyone for any situation. I highly recommend it.

    Elizabeth Manduca, Portland Maine

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