String Quartet-Tree of Life – Tom Hoffmann


An unusual combination of violin, viola, cello, and guitar richly descriptive and an audience delight.

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Tree of Life

String Quartet

Tom Hoffmann

For violin, viola, cello, and guitar. In the first movement, Voices of an Ancient Land, unique and delicate sonorities merge. Individual lines of counterpoint are layered for an impressionistic effect. Movement 2, Perfect Passage, contains two different sections with their own themes always audible as variations of counterpoint. The harmonic vocabulary is contemporary jazz in some sections. Harmonic clusters with all instruments sustaining harmonies is used in this reflective movement. Zaragato, third movement, means king cat of the night dance. The combinations of harmonics, sul ponticello, and foot tapping with rich orchestral color make this an impressive finish.


• Advanced

• Duration 18 minutes

• Violin, viola, cello, and guitar combination and the unusual nature of this work makes it good for college recitals.

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String Quartet-Tree of Life - Tom Hoffmann