Summer Programs

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Summer Programs

Techniques for Good Sightreading (private or group)

Learn to become a better sightreader by examining music in an efficient manner. Students will sightread piano literature in many different styles. Sightreading is one of the most important skills the pianist can learn.

Basic Theory and Composition for any Level for any instrumentalist (private or group)

Performances are greatly enhanced by a thorough grounding in music theory. Students will be evaluated, and a program will be designed to further assist them with eartraining, sightsinging, written assignments.

Totally Technique (private lesson only)

A session designed for the early intermediate and advanced student. Summer is a great time to work on the physical aspects of playing through etudes and exercises designed for physical agility.

Pick A Composer to Study/Exploring Piano Repertoire

Take lessons to study the music, life and times of your favorite composers. If there are summer programs featuring these composers, we’ll try to attend.

Private Instruction for all ages and levels (Piano, Brass)

Students may take 6 or more one hour private lessons, with an additional half hour of time spent in a learning center. The student is free to choose what he/she wishes to focus on. Students may also take a half session of 3 lessons.

Piano Ensembles: 1 Piano Four Hands or 2 Pianos Eight Hands

Take a lesson with a friend to play duets, or two piano literature with the instructor-a huge selection in all styles.

Rock, Pop and Jazz, Broadway

Explore different pieces in various styles from ballads, to the decades of rock and roll, or jazz standards. Learn the harmonic structures of each piece.

Competition Preparation for Intermediate/Advanced Students

Make a timeline of competitions you wish to enter. Plan programs for each competition and begin work on these programs. View various videos of competitions.


6 private one-hour sessions $350                     45 min. lesson $265

6 group classes – 4 students per class $88       3 students $120   2 students $175